The FMX Ticketshop is now open!

News | 22.01.2024



The FMX Ticketshop has been launched, offering attractive Early Bird options. Preparations for the 28th edition of the conference are in full swing and we're happy to announce new program confirmations including Manga/Anime YU YU HAKUSHO turned into live action and AURA INVALIDES, a spectacular immersive experience in Paris. ✨


The Partner section is growing, Lenovo has joined FMX as Silver Partner. Also, the conference has again been certified as a Climate Friendly Event. 🎉


The FMX ticket shop is now open!


Take your pick: FMX is offering a variety of tickets to choose from including Early Bird discounts.  


CONFERENCE PASS: Enables attendees to experience all of the event On Site in Stuttgart from April 23 to 26. It also grants access to select content that will be offered On Demand from April 27 to May 31.


COMBI PASS: Expands the Conference Pass by adding full access to the International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart (ITFS), taking place within walking distance from FMX in the heart of the city.


DAY PASS: Returning to four days on site, FMX is reintroducing daily tickets.


ONLINE PASS: All those who can't make it to Stuttgart need not despair: They can enjoy most of the conference program on the web from April 27 to May 31.


Student groups (20 or more) are eligible for tickets with additional discount. Please send your requests to


PRESS: Active contributors to a publication or media outlet can apply for press accreditation, granting access to the On Site and On Demand program.



Recent confirmations for FMX 2024


 VFX FOR EPISODIC: Yu Yu Hakusho: A Japanese local production and its global VFX


Yu Yu Hakusho is a Netflix live action series based on the popular Japanese manga. It was one of the first Japanese productions to attempt a true global VFX production, working with four previs vendors, nine VFX vendors, and an in-house VFX team spreading across six different countries (Japan, Korea, India, Canada, U.S., Australia).


Every step of the way, “the usual way” was never the answer, considering both the Japanese and the Hollywood methods. In their session, Overall VFX Supervisor Ryo Sakaguchi, and Christophe Rodo, VFX Supervisor, Megalis VFX, will cover the VFX challenges encountered through all stages of production with the aim to achieve a world class VFX for a Japanese production.




LOCATION BASED ENTERTAINMENT: immersive visual splendor in Paris]


Join Jean-Baptiste Hardoin, creative director from Moment Factory, as he will dive into the creative and technical challenges faced in the studio’s most recent projects, such as AURA Invalides, the monumental experience beneath the dome at Les Invalides in Paris. Get a behind-the-scenes look at their work and learn about the solutions that brought these iconic experiences to life.


This session will be part of the FMX track LOCATION BASED ENTERTAINMENT curated by Brent Strong, Executive Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering.



FMX is certified as a climate friendly event – again!



The conference has taken active steps to become more sustainable. FMX has continually been reducing its carbon footprint, avoiding traffic, saving water, producing less waste. As a result, FMX was certified as a climate-friendly event by the KSS Klimaschutzstiftung Baden-Wuerttemberg (Climate Protection Foundation) in 2023, which is supporting the state on its path to climate neutrality. And we can proudly announce: the KSS has reconfirmed the certificate for 2024!


This comes with benefits for FMX ticket holders: they are eligible for discounted tickets with Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) and they can use public transport in Stuttgart free of charge.


Find more information here.


We're looking forward to see you in April - make sure to check out our Hotel booking tool. There’s more to come soon, so stay tuned to!