Virtual Production Stage coming to FMX 2022!

News | 19.04.2022

Virtual Production and real-time technology are currently changing the game of film and media production. Any story, any world imaginable can now be brought into a studio, increasing the creative freedom, flexibility and sustainability of projects in unprecedented ways.


FMX is excited to announce, that !for the first time ever! a Virtual Production Stage – powered by ARRI Solutions, disguise, Neumann&Müller, ROE Visual, TrackMen and Unreal Engine is coming to FMX 2022! The partners teamed up to bring a state-of-the-art LED Wall to the conference, showcasing an exclusive Unreal scene for FMX visitors to get a hands-on experience of what it's like to shoot on a VP Stage. This will give them the freedom to experiment with VP and discuss their questions with experts on site!


Fireside Chats

In addition, the audience can join a daily fireside chat with FMX Program Chair HaZ Dulull and fellow industry experts on the VP Stage as they discuss their experiences with virtual production.


Tuesday | May 3 | 11:00 | Turm B

Ben Lumsden, Epic Games
Peter Kirkup, disguise
Victor Perez
Patrick Hanenberger


Wednesday | May 4 | 17:00 | Turm B

Shelley Smith, DNEG Animation
Mikko Matikainen, The Mill
Paul Debevec, Netflix
David Sheldon-Hicks, Territory


Thursday | May 5 | 12:00 | Turm B

Dan Glass, DNEG
Paolo Tamburrino, Pixomondo
Florian Gellinger, Rise | Visual Effects Studios
Brad Blackburn, The Third Floor

Meet Our VP Stage Partners

ARRI Solutions

ARRI Solutions brings together ARRI’s unique expertise across various technical fields to create holistic solutions for broadcast and virtual production environments.


Competencies include professional lighting and camera systems, the correlation between image science and color management and integration of state-of-the-art production workflows.


Customers benefit from a full range of services, from in-depth consultancy and 3D visualization, comprehensive project planning and design, implementation and training.


What is ARRI Solutions providing for the Virtual Production Stage?


ARRI Solutions is responsible for the technical design of the FMX virtual production stage, collaborating closely with all hardware and software partners on integrating all technology seamlessly into the volume.


Within the stage, ARRI SkyPanels and Orbiter lighting fixtures provide high quality, professional lighting to complement the LED wall, ensuring natural and authentic color representation for skin tones and details.


Action on stage is captured with an ALEXA Mini LF, integrated via ARRI’s Live Link Metadata Plug-in for Unreal Engine, demonstrating how real-time lens values can dynamically drive environments.


For more information, please go to:


disguise is the platform to imagine, create and deliver spectacular visual experiences. Its award-winning extended reality (xR) solution has powered over 400 immersive real-time productions across film and episodic TV for Netflix and Amazon Prime, live entertainment for music artists such as Katy Perry and Billie Eilish, corporate presentations for Siemens and Verizon, and live broadcast programmes from Eurosport, MTV and ITV,  in more than 35 countries.


Trusted for over 20 years on some of the world’s biggest, most complex live shows and broadcasts, the disguise software is a powerful toolkit for winning pitches, developing storyboards, creating camera fly-throughs, validating content, testing technical setups, and designing entire projects. Its timeline-based user interface allows you to build a 3D model of your LED volume, then bring in your real-time content and map it onto the simulated LED environment.


Coupled with this, disguise’s powerful media server range offers leading graphics processing, content rendering and content compositing capabilities. They can render content at unlimited scale and complexity and compose it seamlessly with disguise hardware’s superior networking capabilities ensuring the highest level of frame accuracy.


What is disguise providing for the virtual production stage?


disguise will be providing the central platform from where real-time Unreal Engine content will be rendered and accurately mapped onto the virtual production stage with minimal latency. disguise integrates with all key technologies that drive a virtual production - from content render engines and camera tracking systems to LED manufacturers, opening up unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and streamlines your production pipeline, giving you complete control from one location.


The virtual production stage at FMX will be powered by a fleet of disguise vx 2 media playback servers and rx real-time rendering nodes, all connected by disguise’s Fabric pre-configured network switch for highest-quality content streaming.

Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik

Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik supports its customers as a technical full-service provider for events of all kinds. From technical, conceptual and editorial advice to high-quality implementation, N&M is a strong partner in the realization of events. Whether it's live communication with personal encounters, the implementation of hybrid event formats or the implementation of complete digital live events. In its own studio for Extended Reality (xR), N&M creates completely new immersive experiences and ensures the merging of analogue and virtual worlds. The Neumann&Müller digital media team has the clear aim of captivating the audience and placing communication content in a surprising, effective and sustainable way.


In addition to realizing the content, it regularly researches new technologies and possibilities to take the xR experience to a new level. Whether object tracking or the integration of interactive AR elements. Only the combination of technology, design and creativity manages to captivate the audience and place communication content effectively.


Please visit Neumann&Müller's website for more information.

ROE Visual

About ROE Visual
Founded in 2006, ROE Visual manufactures unrivaled, award-winning LED display technology for a broad range of applications, including touring productions, broadcast, film, live and virtual events, corporate, architectural, retail, control room, and many more.
Used by the most significant touring artists and spectacular broadcast events, retail and architectural installations, ROE Visual's products live up to the exacting demands of the industries creatives and technologists. ROE Visual products offer maximal creativity, ease of use, durability, and visual excellence. By enabling spectacular and breath-taking visual effects to come to life on a large display format, immersive experiences for performers and audiences all over the globe can be created.
The company enjoys relationships with leading global AV Installers, rental companies, and notable partners in the production, film, and event industry. ROE Visual offers expert knowledge in LED display technology and extensive support on a global scale through its American, European, Japanese and China-based teams.


About GhostFrame
GhostFrame makes the impossible possible. GhostFrame works by displaying more than just the video feed on the LED panel, combining hidden Chromakey, hidden Tracking, and Multiple Source video feeds into a single production frame. You choose which elements are visible to the human eye and only to the camera. Combining the strengths and possibilities of LED and camera technology, GhostFrame enables creative and powerful use of video and broadcast technology. 
GhostFrame is a collaboration of AGS, Megapixel VR, and ROE Visual. These companies have combined their respective IP to enable the GhostFrame technology, adding TrackMen as the exclusive partner for the GhostFrame Track feature. Joining forces and technological expertise, they have formed GhostFrame and made it possible to deploy the technology in the field. Exclusively available for ROE Visual LED panels and HELIOS processing, you can use your existing hardware and a GhostFrame license key to release this multi-patented* touch of magic.


What you can expect at FXM


The FMX will host an extensive virtual production stage. Partnering with ARRI, disguise, TrackMen, and the GhostFrame team represented by ROE Visual, an ambitious demonstration is prepared, showcasing the latest in virtual production technology, including GhostFrame technology.


ROE Visual will present its premier dedicated VP product, the Black Pearl BP2V2 powered by the HELIOS LED processing platform, in a curved setup.


The Black Pearl BP2V2 LED panels have set the standard for large LED volumes in film studios and XR Stages. Black Pearl is a high-performance, broadcast-grade HD-LED panel. Designed for use in film studios and virtual production applications, it offers cutting-edge LED design and technology, with high-speed components and true-to-content color representation. Its high frame rate, high refresh rate, and low scan lines make its in-camera performance unrivaled.


"Our growing engagement with and expertise in the market for games, broadcast and film is manifested in our current product portfolio. We're well-aware of the demanding requirements that go hand-in-hand with working with in-camera shoots. Our partnerships with ARRI, Unreal Engine, and disguise not only reflect that engagement but are also focused on getting the most out of the LED technology for our users. This showcase offers the ideal platform to visualize the added value of LED screens for games, broadcast and film applications", states Roelof Bouwman, Managing Director for ROE Visual EU.


For more information, please visit:


Providing GhosTrack LED-Wall Camera Tracking for GhostFrame to FMX 2022


Great journeys start with dreaming of the possibilities rather than being constrained by what you can't do. Aiming to make the "impossible" possible GhostFrame creates simplified, more efficient, and faster workflows.


Sound like magic? It is. Combine hidden Chromakey, hidden Tracking, and Multiple Source video feeds into a single production frame. You choose which elements are visible to the human eye and which are visible only to the camera. GhostFrame unlocks unlimited creativity, while remaining comfortable for on-set actors and crew. Combining the strengths and possibilities of LED and camera technology, GhostFrame enables creative and powerful use of video and broadcast technology.


TrackMen has been inventing real-time tracking solutions for live Virtual Broadcast Graphics since 1997.


TrackMen takes on the responsibility from the first interaction with our clients and partners, by providing excellent quality and by assisting and supporting them throughout the entire project process. Our goal is to deliver a solution that guarantees complete customer satisfaction which keeps our long-term customers coming back. We take pride in our long-standing customer service.


Find out more about TrackMen here.

Unreal Engine

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D tool. Creators across games, film and television, architecture, automotive, manufacturing, live events, simulation and other industries choose Unreal to deliver cutting-edge content, interactive experiences, and immersive virtual worlds. Follow @UnrealEngine and download Unreal for free at