Nexus Studios, JIM BUTTON and more confirmations for FMX 2021!

News | 16.02.2021

Dear FMX Community,


the preparations for FMX 2021 from May 4-6 are in full swing!

Do you want a little taste of what to expect? Check out our exciting program news including the making of interactive animation film BABA YAGA, VFX insights into the breath-taking German live action movie JIM BUTTON AND THE WILD 13 and Nexus Studios' latest work in AR-based Enhanced Locations.

The Making of BABA YAGA

The six-time Emmy Award-winning team from Baobab Studios share their insights on making their latest interactive animation, BABA YAGA. BABA YAGA is a contemporary portrayal of the Eastern European legend breathed to life with illustrative 2D pop-up animation, as well as hand-drawn and stop-motion styles, creating a modern visual language for VR inspired by classic animation. Look forward to Maureen Fan (CEO/Co-founder Baobab Studios), Eric Darnell (CCO/Co-founder Baobab Studios, Writer/Director BABA YAGA), Mathias Chelebourg (Co-Director BABA YAGA), Vanessa Rojas (Editor BABA YAGA) and Nathaniel Dirksen (Producer/CG Supervisor BABA YAGA) discussing all aspects of the making of the film and how they incorporated interactivity to “make you, the audience, matter.”



Crowning the exceptional collaboration between several German VFX studios, the cinematic adaption of JIM BUTTON AND THE WILD 13 from author Michael Ende is packed with stunning VFX. FMX 2021 will welcome no less than five representatives of the Rat Pack Film production, walking you through the making of the great adventures of orphan boy Jim: Production VFX supervisor Frank Schlegel (Independent) and VFX supervisors Juri Stanossek (Mackevision) and Andreas Giesen (Rise Visual Effects Studios) will be joined by VFX Producer Julia Smola (Scanline VFX) and Senior CG Supervisor Chris Nickel (Trixter).



'Enhanced Locations' – Bringing a 615-year-old palace to life through Next Generation AR

Over the past few years Nexus Studios have paved the way for the future of Augmented Reality through the creation of 'Enhanced Locations', a term used to describe how real world places such as venues, theme parks, stadiums and galleries are mapped out digitally using the latest Visual Positioning technologies so that hyper accurate 3D content can be placed intelligently in situ. Hear from Nexus Studios Creative Director Alex Jenkins on their journey and their latest project which saw them bring a 615-year-old Korean palace to life through a ground-breaking AR guided tour, featuring a playful and enigmatic wayfinding character. Visitors are able to interact with members of the Joseon dynasty, reimagined in AR and partake in ancient customs and traditions. All streamed to the highest ever quality achieved in AR for mobile.