Climate-Friendly Event, Trailer THE BEAUTY and first Confirmations

News | 15.12.2022



with our last newsletter for this year, we are happy to share some super exciting and important news with you. For the first time, FMX 2023 will be officially certified as a climate-friendly event. 🌱


Fittingly, the trailer for FMX - Film & Media Exchange 2023 will be THE BEAUTY, which discusses sustainability as a core topic. 🌍


Be excited for our first program news! Our program will feature the stop motion films A Flammable Planet and Can’t Negotiate the Melting Point of Ice for WWF (NOMINT), the streaming series The World according to Jeff Goldblum (Alchemy), as well as the latest developments in the field of AI Rotoscoping (Kognat).



Our Commitment to Sustainability: FMX is evolving

Considering the state of the environment, FMX is evolving to become increasingly sustainable.


At FMX 2023, as part of our conference program, we will discuss sustainability in film and media production and present approaches that can make the film industry more climate-friendly. At the same time, FMX is taking active steps to become more sustainable as an event.


For the first time, FMX 2023 will be certified as a climate-friendly event by the KSS Klimaschutzstiftung Baden-Wuerttemberg (KSS Climate Protection Foundation). The KSS has been created to support the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg on its path to climate neutrality.


To reduce the carbon footprint of FMX in 2023 and the long run, we will focus our efforts on the following topics as deemed most important by the KSS: Venue, Energy & Water Supply, Arrival & Departure, Accommodation, Catering, Waste & Resources, Procurement, Event Marketing & Public Relations and CO2 Compensation.


Find more information here.



FMX 2023 Official Trailer: THE BEAUTY

In 2023, FMX takes the audience to truly unknown depths of the sea with the official trailer THE BEAUTY, which sends viewers on a poetic journey through a fascinating underwater world where plastic waste and nature have become one. For a short moment, worries and guilt dissolve between eerily beautiful coral reefs and the mysterious depths of the ocean.


Watch the trailer here: OFFICAL TRAILER THE BEAUTY


THE BEAUTY is a project by alumni of the Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut, among them Pascal Schelbli (Director), Marc Angele (VFX Supervisor), Noel Winzen (Animation), Tina Vest and Aleksandra Todorovic (Producers).





A Flammable Planet & Can’t Negotiate The Melting Point of Ice


Yannis Konstantinidis (NOMINT) will talk about how they tamed the elements to create a series of films for WWF to rally awareness and action around major climate-related issues. From animating real ice for CAN’T NEGOTIATE THE MELTING POINT OF ICE to controlling real fire for A FLAMMABLE PLANET Yannis Konstantinidis will present how trying the impossible can communicate difficult messages and drive change.




The World according to Jeff Goldblum


Across two seasons of The World According to Jeff Goldblum, London based motion design studio, Alchemy have created a series of engaging animation sequences. Changing style to suit the subject of each specific show they’ve covered every motion design technique in the book.



Alchemy partners Pete Williams and Andrew Milner will talk through the process of working on the show and creating these animations. From early pitch concepts through to execution and how a team of animators spent months putting themselves inside the mind of the inimitable Jeff Goldblum.




Rotobot: AI Rotoscoping


Sam Hodge (Founder, Kognat) will discuss the progress that has been made in the machine learning field and how large datasets have made it possible to automate processes that previously seemed impossible for machines to predict. His presentation will speak to his own discovery process in bringing a deep learning solution from academic publications to a turnkey product and discuss how he now repeats this process of distribution of machine learning solutions in a number of domains as well as media and entertainment. The opportunity exists for everyone to embrace deep learning and join in the autonomous workflow revolution.



We wish you a joyful end of the year and happy holidays! 💝