The Power of Collaboration at FMX 2021 Online

News | 14.04.2021

Dear FMX Community,


we are excited to announce an inspiring FMX Track packed with renowned panelists curated by wonderful Imke Fehrmann, COO and Executive Producer of Akkord Film Produktion. Make sure to tune in as we together explore the power of collaboration in our reality and future.


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Curated by Imke Fehrmann, COO and Executive Producer of Akkord Film Produktion


The panel "Virtual Production – Game Changer in Animation & VFX?" moderated by Jinko Gotoh (Producer, Netflix), will discuss the advantages, challenges and blue sky of the future of virtual production techniques. Speakers include Eve Roth (Lead Technical Artist, Parallux), Pepe Valencia (Visualization Supervisor, BARABOOM! Studios) and Lyndon Barrois (Animation Director and Video Artist).


A presentation looks at the long and successful history of Sony Pictures Animation (SPA) and Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI), making movies together that are as varied as they are beautiful. Join SPA's Head of Production Pam Marsden and SPI’s Executive Vice President Michelle Grady for a deep dive into this unique partnership, why it works and how they work together to create iconic films including the Academy Award-winning "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" and their latest production, the visually ground-breaking action comedy The Mitchells vs. The Machines.


Starting a new job, meeting the team, finding your feet in a new role – an exciting and often equally daunting experience for the new starter, regardless of experience level. In 2020, remote working and virtual teams made this even more difficult, both for the new employee as well as for the company and managers. The panel "Team Building, Onboarding & Culture – Not Only a Challenge in the Virtual Workplace" explores opportunities and ideas for our current situation and the future of teams. Panelists include Tara Kemes (Studio General Manager, Cinesite), Natasia Schumacher (Head of Operations, Method Studios) and Paulene Hamilton (Head of People and Talent, Blue Zoo Animation Studio).


Welcome on board SideFX! SideFX is the Academy Award-winning developer of Houdini - the 3D procedural software for VFX, character FX, crowds, rigging, animation, lighting, layout, lookdev, modelling and rendering. Houdini is used by studios and individuals across the world to create incredible work for film, TV, advertising, video games and more. Learn more.