Confirmations: NFTs, AR/VR/MR & Forum News

News | 12.03.2022


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We present a brand new track on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), the ETERNALS: AR STORY EXPERIENCE and a lot of Forum News.


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We hear the term Metaverse, Web3 and NFTs everywhere and everyday, but how exactly do new tech trends impact and evolve the creative industries and their audience? The first-of-a-kind NFTs track will focus on demystifying this with various project case studies from creators who are pushing this revolution to decentralise and retain the creative autonomy with their content for Web3.


  NFTs - the future of entertainment ownership


NFTs and the underlying blockchain technology are empowering content creators worldwide, enabling creators to get funding directly from audiences who can own the content they support and transfer wealth between the virtual and physical world. Everyone profits as the value of the content increases across the Web3 ecosystem. This presentation by Rouslan Ovtcharoff, Founder of Blockchain Global Entertainment Alliance, will explain what NFTs are and demonstrate unique ways of applying NFTs and blockchain technology for the next evolution of creator and audience-owned entertainment platforms.




ETERNALS: AR Story Experience


Marvel Studios looks to the future with a first-of-its-kind Augmented Reality (AR) story experience for the release of Eternals. Marvel Studios' ETERNALS: AR STORY EXPERIENCE lets fans step into the film to discover the backstory, interact with Super Heroes, and bring the story right in their space. The latest technologies were used to deliver state-of-the-art storytelling — including a new volumetric capture process done entirely digital, using cinema-quality VFX assets. Hear from Dane Coffey, Technology Innovation Research Lead at Disney Studios Technology, and Daniel Baker, Senior Producer and Manager, what it took to create these lifelike characters for the immersive iOS-exclusive mobile app.


DREAM: Making Virtual Story Worlds


Director Robin McNicholas and artist Joaquina Salgado discuss new ways of bringing virtual story worlds to life using contemporary virtual production techniques. From character design through to virtual forest creation, two key contributors to the project DREAM discuss the opportunities and challenges faced with creating artistic work with games engines. On this hugely ambitious live project, the team uncovered countless new creative possibilities. Robin (UK based) & Joaquina (Argentina) discuss global collaboration and what the future holds for storytelling and live virtual production.


EXPO 2020 DUBAI: Making The Metaverse A Reality

Cross-reality spaces are the foundations for the new immersive web or Metaverse. They are not a concept beamed from the future; they are already being designed and utilised today. They can be ‘digital twins’ of real-world locations or unique places that have yet to be imagined. In this session, Sol Rogers (Magnopus/Rewind) will explore why cross-reality spaces are important, how they are designed, and who should be using them. In addition, an in-depth case study for EXPO 2020 DUBAI will show how people and places can be united across the physical and digital divide through innovative technologies and inspiring content.

The FMX Forum is getting busy – FMX is excited to share that further Partners have confirmed their participation in FMX 2022.


Marketplace: Artineering, Chaos, Escape Technology, Lenovo, RnDeep, Varjo


Recruiting Hub: Blue Zoo, Fish Blowing Bubbles, Framestore, Psyop, Time Based Arts


Workshops: Chaos, Maxon, Notch, Psyop, School of Visual Arts


Series: Autodesk


School Campus: Hamm Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences, LTU Luleå University of Technology, Merz Akademie, Rubika, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences/MultiMediaArt


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