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News | 11.03.2024



Life after the apocalypse is a recurring topic in fiction. The latest narrative called FALLOUT, conceived by Jonathan Nolan (WESTWORLD 🤠), will come to the screens on April 11 - and to FMX on April 24. Less than three weeks to go until the conference starts, the FMX program is complete. And it will be offering some real treats for 🎁 ticket holders.


KUNG FU PANDA is back and his fourth adventure is a fine example of state of the art animation. And who would have imagined Bill Murray resuming the role of a ghostbuster? The main attraction in GHOSTBUSTERS: FROZEN EMPIRE are the spectres, however. 👻


FMX is about stunning imagery - and also about the social implications of working in a highly flexible industry often pioneering in current debates like diversity, the impact of AI or the four-day week.  



Latest Confirmations for FMX 2024

IMMERSIVE WEB & SPATIAL COMPUTING: Developing Open Standards for the
Metaverse,curated by Marc Petit of the Metaverse Standards Forum



This track explores the integration of open standards in the 3D internet. Discussions feature Europe’s user-centric metaverse approach, AI in storytelling and gaming, and web browsers’ role in 3D. Speakers include Neal Stephenson, Patrick Cozzi (Cesium), Anne Bajart (European Commission), and experts from Google, ThatOpenCompany, W3C, and the Academy Software Foundation, curated by Marc Petit of the Metaverse Standards Forum.


VFX FOR FEATURES: A look behind the scenes of THE CREATOR


ILM's Charmaine Chan (VFX Supervisor) and Amanda Johnstone-Batt (CG Supervisor) break down the pre-production, shooting, and post VFX for Gareth Edward's THE CREATOR. From early concepts and designs to virtual production, and the unique way Edwards approached shooting and finalizing visuals, the team will showcase that process and how VFX became an integral partner in every step.


EXPANDING REALITIES: EU XR track - presenting a unique line-up of
XR Innovation Actions during opening day


Join us for an exclusive showcase featuring insightful presentations, followed by a panel discussion bringing together five projects funded by the European Commission - PANEURAMA, MAX-R, EMIL, XRECO and TRANSMIXR.


We’ll discuss and provide valuable insights into the collaborative efforts shaping the future of XR and the transformative potential all these projects hold across diverse technologies and industries. Experience first-hand what these particular projects are working on and immerse yourself in their live demos at FMX, located in the foyer of Bertha-Benz-Saal throughout the entire opening day.



Forum News: School Campus is fully booked - more Confirmations coming in


The last slot has been filled in the School Campus, promising a fine gathering of national and international media schools showing their exciting projects. The Marketplace will amass a great mix of big players and start-ups from all over the world, and looks to be fully booked soon as well. The Recruiting Hub is steadily filling up with studios looking for talent. More bookings for our popular workshop slots, where companies show our audience how to use their latest products, keep coming in. Here are our latest confirmations:


Marketplace: 3D Connexion, Optitrack, ThePack, Xencelabs, Rigsters.


Workshops: Pixar's RenderMan, Prism, Select VFX Studio.


Recruiting Hub: Dassault Systèmes 3DExcite, Ghost VFX, Ingenuity Studios, Skydance.


School Campus: Arts University Bournemouth, Luleå University of Technology, Mediadesign Hochschule für Design und Informatik - University of Applied Sciences, Merz Akademie - University of Applied Art, Design and Media, Vancouver Animation School.


At the School Campus, you will also find ACCESS:VFX, a global non-profit organisation focused on driving inclusion and diversity in the VFX, animation and gaming industries - as well as the popular bookstore Breakpoint Books.



Gold Partner: Maxon


Maxon makes powerful software solutions for content creators working in 2D and 3D design, motion graphics, VFX, visualization and games. Maxon’s product portfolio includes the Cinema 4D suite of 3D modeling, simulation and animation technology, the Forger mobile sculpting app, the diverse Red Giant lineup of revolutionary editing, motion design and filmmaking tools, the leading-edge, blazingly fast Redshift renderer and ZBrush, the industry-standard digital sculpting and painting solution.


More Information on Maxon here.



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Hope to see you at FMX!