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Confirmed: The House, What if... & More

News | 09.03.2022



check out the program of FMX - Film & Media Exchange, it just went live! Feel free to browse a bit and explore a wide array of new confirmations both for the on site and online programs of FMX 2022. New confirmations will be added continuously.


Among the new confirmations are the stop motion anthology THE HOUSE, Marvel's WHAT IF...? and presentations on Games & Beyond.


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What if...? – Blending 2D & 3D animation

VFX supervisors Anders Thönell and Greg O'Connor present techniques used to seamlessly intergrate 2D and 3D animation in the making of Marvel's WHAT IF...?


Anders and Greg will take you through some shots to explore solutions and methods used to address complex cameras, line work, environments and overall workflows to integrate 2D and 3D techniques. An in depth look at collaborating on this successful and innovative series.




Behind the Scenes of The House

THE HOUSE is an eccentric dark comedy about a house and the three surreal tales of the individuals who made it their home. Directors Paloma Baeza, Marc James Roels and Niki Lindroth von Bahr as well as Production Manager Joost Zoetebier will take the audience on a journey through the past, present and future of this unusual house, sharing a behind the scenes look at the stop motion anthology produced by Nexus Studios.




The Metaverse: Bridging Music and Immersive Experiences Through Realtime and Gaming

We are close to entering the metaverse - a space that has huge potential to become a creative hub for artists, fans and gamers. Ristband is a metaverse platform created to help artists, musicians, filmmakers and gamers play shows, screen films, attend exhibitions and socialise in a massively multiplayer cross-platform experience. Anne McKinnon and Roman Rappak (both Ristband) will discuss the current state of the metaverse from the perspective of creators, the challenges the team has faced in the year of R&D/development of their platform, as well as the opportunities available for artists in a decentralised, Web3 ecosystem.



"Blockchain gaming" and what "true digital asset ownership" means

In this talk Chris Ebeling, co-founder and creative director of Virtually Human, will break down the ideation and creation and thinking behind VHS's approach when it comes to web 3.0 entertainment, all fueled by the power of blockchain and true digital asset ownership, via Non Fungible Tokens (NFT's). As a passionate speaker, Chris will offer convincing views on the future of the digital space, and the abundance of opportunities that are not only available today, but in the near future.



Silver Partner 2022: ftrack

ftrack is the creator of ftrack Studio, cineSync, and ftrack Review, the Emmy and Academy Award-winning production tracking, interactive media review, and team collaboration platforms for the creative industries.


ftrack's products make it easy to seamlessly and securely collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world. ftrack's customers are found in 60 countries worldwide and regularly win prestigious awards for work across film, streamed content, linear broadcasting, virtual production, gaming, animation, advertising, VR, AR, and more.


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Many more confirmations to come in the next days! Be excited. ☀️