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Mkali’s Mission: Creating and collaborating at a distance

With remote work becoming the “new normal”, we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers by setting up a small “remote studio” to create a 3D sequence called Mkali's Mission. Join the panel of artists behind this project as they share the challenges and benefits of remote work, the tools that have facilitated collaboration such as Shotgun, and the learnings that have come out of this journey. 

Ken La Rue, Digital Content Specialist, Autodesk

Ken La Rue is the Digital Content Specialist at Autodesk. He’s been with the company for over 16 years, where he spent the first 10 years working as an Application Engineer focused on our compositing and editing products like Flame and Smoke. Now, his role consists of creating the online digital content used to engage and connect with our community in the Design Visualization, Film & TV, and Games industries. He hire, manage, and work with artists to build compelling and informative material that demonstrates what our software can do.

Patrick Le May, Sr QA Analyst, Autodesk

Alexandra Papouchina, CG Artist, MrX Toronto

Alexandra Papouchina is a knowledgeable generalist with experience of working in a variety of roles in the industry and has an endless curiosity to learn new things. She is currently working as an Asset Artist at MrX Toronto, ON.

Phil Radford, Maya Generalist, Strangebox

Phil Radford is a 3D generalist and part of the Bifrost BETA testing team.  

Phil started out in the world of broadcast working for the likes of the BBC but soon progressed to start up his own company.  He has been working in the industry for over 15 years creating 3D animations and VFX for TV commercials, corporate entities, advertising agencies and postproduction companies as a one man machine under my company name Strangebox ltd.  Phil runs the YouTube channel under the name MayaGuy.

Arvid Schneider, Senior Visual Effects Artist

Adrian Wise, 3D Modeling (Snowmobile)

Konstantinos Zacharakis, Animation (creature)