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Thursday, May 06, ROOM H brought to you by HOUDINI, 14:15

A pipeline from scratch - making of the Evil Genius 2 Cinematic Trailer

Tune in for a look at the brand new USD pipeline from Rebellion VFX that was used to bring the Evil Genius 2 trailer to life. Aleksandr and Marco talk about their experience on the project from an FX and Lighting point of view.

Marco Dorner, Lead Lighting TD, Rebellion VFX

Marco Dörner started to make movies with LEGO at the age of 10 and when he realized there weren't enough bricks he turned to 3D - and hasn't left it since. After working as a freelancer in video post-production for a while he focused his efforts on lighting, rendering and compositing for full CGI trailers, feature films and TV shows. In his spare time he plays with voxelart which he finds fascinating - probably because it resembles those beautiful bricks from his childhood.

Aleksandr Uusmees, FX Technical Director, Rebellion VFX

Aleksandr Uusmees is FX Technical Director at Rebellion VFX at the Film & TV studios. He’s been in the industry working on various projects including Avengers: End Game, Fantastic Beasts, and the recent Wonder Woman 2 previously as a CFX TD doing hair, cloth rigs, and simulations while also freelancing as FX TD for indie short and feature films at the time. This led to an eventual transition to the FX discipline. Possessing diverse skills, he continues to push his artistic boundaries using Houdini. In his spare time, you can find him sitting in his room developing his own creativity and passion through independent projects - usually in the Lovecraftian horror genre, largely inspired by D&D games.