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ON SITE ROOM T brought to you by TRIXTER Wednesday, May 05, 10:30
Substance by Adobe

Best practices for VFX asset production and pipeline integration with Substance Painter

Join Fabrice Piquet and Valeria Gerontopoulos, Product Managers and Technical Artists on the Substance Painter team, to learn how Painter can be used to accelerate and enhance texturing for VFX artists. With the recent introduction of UDIM projects, discover best workflow practices and Painter's advanced features, as well as how to improve the process of asset creation and facilitate integration within the VFX pipeline.

Valeria Gerontopoulos, Product Manager & Technical Artist, Substance by Adobe

Valeria Gerontopoulos is a relative newcomer to Product Management, having initially joined the Substance Painter team nearly 3 years ago as a QA Artist. A major part of her role in the team is to assess potential new features, offering an artist’s perspective on designs. Valeria loves learning in general, and is enthusiastic about further developing her technical art skills. Within the realm of 3D, her areas of particular interest are texturing, props, and environments for games.

Fabrice Piquet, Product Manager & Technical Artist, Substance by Adobe

Fabrice ‘Froyok’ Piquet is a self-taught Product Manager and Technical Artist who has been working on the Substance team for 7 years. He is part of the team designing new features for Substance Painter, as well as being involved at various levels on a range of other projects. Fabrice’s interest in 3D began more than 15 years ago, and he is particularly passionate about every aspect of real-time rendering.