The Quest for Young Talent Animationsinstitut Filmakademie Projects
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Technical Directing, Interactive Media, Set Extension Workshops

Technical Directing Presentations

Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg offers a 30-month training program for computer science graduates who are aiming to become Technical Directors (TD). The program combines students’ previous technical knowledge with actual film projects. Working in a production team, they learn how to solve real-world problems. They design setups and rigs, acquire experience in lighting, shading, rendering, textures and effects, learn how to work with expressions and scripts, to program tools and plug-ins, to automate animation and other processes as well as to set up workflows and production pipelines. As part of the curriculum, students can actively participate in the Institute's research and development projects.Speakers are TD students in their second year of project studies.

Justus Schmidt: Lighting & Comp "Klimax", Facerigging Tools for stylised cartoon characters, Creature Rigging

Pascal Schober: Pipeline Development "Giant & The Seed", Smart Auto Labeling Library, Shading "Oma"

Application deadline for courses starting in fall is May 15th, 2021. International students are welcome!


Interactive Media

By specializing in Interactive Media at Animationsinstitut you learn how to design, plan and implement games, apps, VR experiences, media installations, and other interactive experiences. The focus is on the social as well as playful interaction of users and observers with the possibilities offered by media. You have unlimited room to experiment with formats. It is a 2,5 year postgraduate course, The ideal basis for is is a degree in media sciences, communication sciences, humanities, natural sciences, journalism or a related discipline.

Application deadline for courses starting in fall is May 15th, 2021. International students are welcome!


Tavern of Heroes

Timo Müssig (Transmedia Games Director)

“Yesterday night a valuable, magical artifact was stolen. Everyone present in the hotel at the time has been gathered in the tavern and it is your job to figure out who became a thief last night!”An experiment about audio based, environmental storytelling in interactive environments. We focus on free flowing conversations between characters which provide the player with small glimpses into the world and these characters´ backstories.The goal of this experiment is to examine the effectiveness of passive storytelling in interactive environments. Our hope is to discover techniques and practices which expand the storytelling capabilities of games and allow us to tell more elaborate stories while upholding the unique strength of the medium. Interactivity. The experience is crafted by a team of 13 people using Unreal Engine 4.


Set Extention Workshops

Each year, the Set Extension Workshop brings together students from the fields of animation/visual effects, camera and production design: In just three months, the interdisciplinary team creates a VFX short film - from brainstorming all the way to post-production. Under the guidance of lecturers David Maas (Production Management), Tonio Freitag (VFX,R&D), Thomas Stammer (Production Design) and Thomas Merker (Camera), around 15 students start each year at the beginning og October. This year the workshop focused clearly on the integration of technological innovation, as the visual effects were realized with an LED wall instead of green screen technology. We will also learn about the workshop from the year before, which used greenscreen technology.


Highscore Heaven, Set Extention Workshop 2020/21

Dominik Girod (Directing), Caroline Keulertz (Visual Effects) , Vincent Maurer (Visual Effects), Yasmin Wetzel (Visual Effects), Jiayan Chen (Animation Effects Producing)

Inside a computer game, in a gigantic floating library, a heroine needs to fulfill her final task to finish the game and earn "eternal" ingame Honor and Glory. But she struggles and succeeds by using her creativity.


Sprout, Set Extention Workshop 2019/20

Niklas Wolff (Directing), Harald Dieterichs (Visual Effects), Paul Golter (VFX), Tom Tolle (VFX), Elina Eskelinnen (VFX), Isabella Braun (Animation Effects Producing)

A woman lives underground in a dangerous world without breathable air. To stay alive and breathe she has to live in symbiosis with a fragile little plant. As she makes her way out of the underground ruins of a long gone civilization, her plant is slowly getting weaker. If the plant dies, she will also die. Can she make it to the top in time and find her paradise?