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Wednesday, May 05, ROOM M brought to you by MACKEVISION, 15:00

Schools Projects 2

With the Schools Projects, we want to give the professional audience an insight into development and production processes, making-ofs and behind the scenes at film and animation schools where innovative and high quality projects are produced.

Schools Projects 2 will feature the following projects:

1) Time's Down - Jonathan Bacheter (Co-Director & Project Manager), Francois Brugalières (Co-Director & On Set Operator), Nils Lemonnier (Co-Director & Production Build), Valentin Soulard (Co-Director & On Set VFX Supervisor), Yan Weitlauff  (Co-Director & On Set Director)

ARTFX - School of Digital Arts 

One of 4 graduation films nominated for this year's Oustanding VFX in a Student Film award by the Visual Effects Society, Time's Down follows a thief who uses his ability to slow down time while trying to evade the Time Police.

2) Help Yourself - Philipp Sigl (Level Designer and Programmer)

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

In Help Yourself you have to be your own best teammate!

The core game mechanics, consisting of time loops and clones, unfold their full potential in VR. Actions performed in one time loop are replicated precisely by a clone in the next loop. Cleverly plan ahead and cooperate with your clones across multiple timelines to overcome the challenges in this puzzle shooter for Oculus Quest.

3) the farting contest - Julian Lehmann (Responsible for all aspects except Soundtrack)

SAE Institute

The farting contest is a fictive animated advert for an antiflatulence medicine. Two cacti are having a farting contest. Short, funny movie, full CG.

4) Dreams of Eden - Kriss Sagan (Author)

MOME Anim | Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest

Dreams of Eden is a day-dreaming AR installation of acrylic paintings, an intuitive translation of the Four Stage Model of creativity, described by Graham Wallas. The five artworks manifest Kriss Sagan's personal thoughts and energy, playing with questions and answers related to her research study of creativity of the unconscious mind. Dreams of Eden also elaborates on the conscious and unconscious processes of the individual and collective creativity. The project invites the viewer to engage with close to psychedelic experiences offered by Augmented Reality, harmonised with the presence ofcolour and texture of acrylic paintings on a larger canvas, supported by meditative sounddesign that accompanies every artwork.

5) Kind Acts of Cruelty - Rita Eperjesi, Denise Bischof & Anna Eschenbacher (Creative Technologists)

Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

In times that are determined by turbulence, racial unrest, uprisings, and emergent movements that are striving for equality and theabolishment of racial injustice, each of us is urged to create a space of understanding. One part of Kind Acts of Cruelty is an installation that will visualise microaggressions and make them perceptible for non-marginalized people. Additionally, the website of Kind Acts of Cruelty will further educate about the topic and raise awareness for everyday racism and other forms of discrimination.

6) A Lost Light - Sina Hofmann (Game Designer, Programmer, Artist)

Hochschule Mainz University of Applied Sciences

A Lost Light is a short 2D horror game inspired by RPG maker horror games. You play as a small willow-wisp that got lost inside a forest. In order to escape, solve the riddles and burn the totems. Unfortunatly the forest is haunted by a witch, that wants you to stay and play with her forever.

7) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Automated Tests for Visual Effects Pipelines - Jan Honsbrok 

Maintaining a visual effects pipeline is challenging and can be improved by using automated tests. Automated tests speed up development and make sure new features do not break the current pipeline. Jan Honsbrok will introduce a new guideline he developed to help pipeline developers get started with automated tests, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Automated Tests for Visual Effects Pipelines.

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