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ON SITE ROOM H brought to you by HOUDINI Wednesday, May 05, 18:45

The Virtual Production of The Mandalorian

Join the visual effects and virtual production team for a discussion about all things virtual production on Lucasfilm's hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian created by Jon Favreau. The team will discuss the advances made to ILM's StageCraft virtual production platform from the first to the second season of the lauded series, the development of ILM's Helios real-time render engine and more.

Available until: May 6

Richard Bluff

Richard Bluff, Visual Effects Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic

Sonia Contreras

Sonia Contreras, Senior Digital Artist, Industrial Light & Magic

Enrico Damm

Enrico Damm, Visual Effects Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic

Landis Fields

Landis Fields, Virtual Production Visualization Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic

Abby Keller

Abby Keller, Visual Effects Producer, Industrial Light & Magic

Rachel Rose

Rachel Rose, R&D Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic