The Quest for Young Talent Masterclasses
ON SITE ROOM U brought to you by UNITY Tuesday, May 04, 10:30

Acting for Animators 1


This is an acting workshop designed especially for animators. Ed Hooks, author of the book "Acting for Animators - 4th Revised Edition", explains the connections between thinking, emotion and physical action;  you will learn about the differences between regular reality and theatrical reality, scene structure, characterization, comedy vs. drama, heroes and villains.   This masterclass is chock full of useful tools for all character animators, regardless of whether you are working in 3D or 2D.   It is divided in two parts. For those who are unable to come to part #1, there will be a brief review of essential principles at the start of part #2.

 Part Two of the Masterclass is available until July 31.

Ed Hooks, Actor & Acting Trainer

Ed Hooks pioneered acting training for animators instead of stage actors.  His book "Acting for Animators" has recently been published by Routledge/UK in a revised fourth edition and is a required text at most schools proving animation training. He has taught his Acting for Animators masterclass for most major animation studios and game companies, and he has participated in FMX for the past sixteen years.