FMX 2021

A Conference Reimagined


Since 1994, FMX has been home to an international exchange about the latest projects, tools and techniques that have constantly pushed the quality, efficiency, and creativity in media and entertainment production.


As the world is impacted by seismic changes, our 25th edition will be a very special one for sure: FMX will host its first online edition from May 4-6, 2021!

Wherever you are located on the globe, look forward to an extraordinary digital experience over three days dedicated to the central theme Reimagine Tomorrow.



The FMX community may be unable to gather physically in 2021, but you will be able to connect in the virtual sphere almost as closely as usual.



Three Days of Global Exchange

Over three conference days, we will invite exceptional media creators to share their insights with an audience of professionals and students on a virtual event platform. To make sure that our community will have room for personal exchange, live Q&A will complement all presentations.

Live Experience in Virtual Times

We aim to enhance the virtual conference experience by extending the program schedule, running from morning to late at night. By doing so, live sessions will be available during local daytimes to almost anyone, no matter where in the world you live. This will give our global community ample opportunity to connect and interact live during FMX.

Video On Demand

Following FMX, presentation recordings will be made available to ticket holders via video on demand until July 2021.

There will also be exclusive presentations available at FMX from May 4-6.

FMX 2021 Trailer

Reimagine Tomorrow

With the central theme Reimagine Tomorrow FMX 2021 reflects on how the work in the industry has been disrupted in unprecedented ways. While remote and virtual workflows are adopted around the globe, visions for the entertainment of the future give way to questions about the future of entertainment. With every aspect of education, production and distribution affected, we have all been challenged to reinvent ourselves.

FMX 2021 will look into these new experiences with presentations and discussions on how to adjust processes and priorities. A conference which will reimagine tomorrow to examine the state of affairs alongside new opportunities.

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