What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files created by a website during your visit. They store information that could be useful for further navigation on the website. This ensures that your information will be retained even if you switch to another page, and that your use of the website can be analysed.


When you use our website, you agree to the use and storage of cookies on your terminal device. However, you can also view our website without cookies.


We recommend that you leave cookies enabled; otherwise you may miss a lot of information. Most browsers accept cookies automatically.



Managing Cookies

You can control the acceptance of cookies yourself, and can prevent them by configuring your browser if necessary.


Please note that changes to settings only affect the respective browser. If you use different browsers or change the mobile device, the settings must be adjusted again. You can also delete cookies from your storage medium at any time. Please refer to your web browser’s help function for information on cookie settings, how to change them and how to delete cookies.


You will find links to the most common browsers’ settings options below:


Mozilla Firefox: Support Mozilla
Internet Explorer: Support Microsoft
Chrome: Support Google
Safari: Support Apple
Opera: Support Opera



The most common types of cookies are explained for your understanding below:



1. Session Cookies

While you are active on a website, a session cookie will be temporarily stored in your computer's memory, where a session ID is stored, to prevent you from having to log in again each time you change pages, for example. Session cookies will be deleted when you log out or will automatically lose their validity once your session expires.



2. Permanent or log Cookies

A permanent or log cookie stores a file on your computer for period specified in the expiration date. These cookies enable websites to remember your information and settings the next time you visit them. This leads to faster and more convenient access, as you do not have to change your language settings for our portal, for example. When the expiry date is reached, the cookie will be deleted automatically when you visit the website that generated it.



3. Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies originate from providers other than the website’s operator. They can be used to collect information for advertising, user-defined content and web statistics, for instance.



4. Flash Cookies

Flash cookies are stored as data elements of websites on your computer if these websites are operated with Adobe Flash. Flash cookies have no time limit.


The following cookies are used on this website:


Name Purpose Age Type
Piwik / Matomo Tracking 365 Days Permanent