Testimonials 2019

"FMX is an intellectual and artistic oasis. It is a privilege to be a small part of it."
Ed Hooks, Actor & Acting Trainer

"FMX highlights how global and big and expansive our industry is, but also how small and tight-knit (...)."
Trisha Gum, Filmmaker

"I get to see a lot of it online but there is nothing like getting to meet the actual people who are doing it and see some of the behind the scenes. You just don’t get this access anywhere else, so it is a great conference today to attend."
Rob Bredow, Executive Creative Director & Head of Industrial Light & Magic

"What I really love right now is this interesting crossover between the real time world and the non real time world and it does seem that FMX over the last few years has been definitely a place where the discussions of that happen."
Kim Libreri, Chief Technology Officer, Epic Games

"FMX has become a must in my calendar, with flawless organisation, exciting line-up of speakers, and a fantastic vibe through the conference."
Silvia Rasheva, Producer, Unity Technologies

"A conference like this brings us all together."
Danny Dimian, Visual Effects Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks

"I’ve spent a lot of my days, sat in a dark room with headphones on. So, it is actually really great to come out and see what is going on with lots of the talented professionals in our industry."
Nina Hartstone, Supervising Sound Editor

"That’s why I am here. Not just to spread knowledge of my own experiences but to learn from the best. That’s exactly what this place is – it’s so well run and they have such great guests that I think it’s something that everybody should experience – at least once. Probably twice or three times in their lives."
Bobby Chiu, Artist, Producer & Owner,  Imaginism Studios

"Everybody has been quite warm and welcoming as well, which has been really nice."
Jenn Taylor, Animation Supervisor, Image Engine

"This is my first FMX – and I am loving it!"
Andrew Glassner, Writer-Director, Researcher & Consultant

"I mean it’s just amazing and great hospitality. So. I can’t say enough about it."
John Canemaker, Professor, Lecturer & Animator,  NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Rob Bredow, Executive Creative Director & Head of Industrial Light & Magic

Trisha Gum, Filmmaker

Bobby Chiu, Artist, Producer & Owner, Imaginism Studios

FMX is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the City of Stuttgart and MFG Baden-Wuerttemberg, taking place in cooperation with the VES Visual Effects Society and ACM SIGGRAPH. FMX is an event by the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, organized by Animationsinstitut, hosting the Animation Production Days (APD), a joint venture with the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS).

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