Program 2018


AliceVision: a New Photogrammetry Pipeline in Visual Effects Production

Fabien Castan (Mikros), Yann Lanthony (Mikros), Benoit Maujean (Mikros)

This presentation will be based upon our experience accumulated by the production of CG environments, in order to extend or transform shooting sets and props. These solutions are the results of collaborative research with academic partners (Imagine lab in Marne la Vallée, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, Czech Technical University in Prague, Simula in Oslo). In this context, we have built an open source software for 3D reconstruction, photomodeling and camera tracking.
During this presentation, we will explain the comprehensive photogrammetry pipeline, driven by the production needs. We will also unveil the corresponding algorithmic principles, based upon up-to-date Structure from Motion and Multiple View Stereo techniques. These concepts will be illustrated with Mikros production extracts, provided with our latest creations in feature films and commercials.
AliceVision website :
Meshroom, Open Source 3D Reconstruction Software :
LADIO project :

#photogrammetry #opensource #VFX #computervision

Fabien Castan

Fabien Castan, R&D Engineer, Mikros Image,

Graduated from IMAC engineering school (Image Multimedia Audiovisual and Communication), Fabien Castan is specialized in computer vision for Visual Effects. He worked at Duran Duboi, Ubisoft Motion Pictures and now works at Mikros Image since 2013. He worked on several research projects (French ANR and EU projects) in the field of photogrammetry.

Yann Lanthony

Yann Lanthony, R&D Engineer, Mikros Image,

Graduated from IMAC engineering school (Image Multimedia Audiovisual and Communication), Yann Lanthony is a full-stack developer who has been involved in several projects in the 3D entertainment industry, from animation and VFX to interactive VR experiences. He joined Mikros Image team in 2016 to work on AliceVision photogrammetry tools.

Benoit Maujean

Benoit Maujean, R&D Manager, Mikros Image,

Graduated from École Supérieure des Ingénieurs de Marseille and École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Benoit Maujean is the Research and Development Manager of Mikros Image, dealing with the general management of R&D team and projects supervising, to enable the development of innovative services and production solutions. Benoit is a board member of Cap Digital, the French business cluster for digital transformation.

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