Armin Pohl, CEO, Mackevision Medien Design

Armin Pohl is CEO at Mackevision Medien Design GmbH, a global leader in computer generated imagery (CGI). The company creates 3D visualization, animation and visual effects. A natural born artist and visionary, Armin Pohl has been exploring innovative ways of fully expressing his ideas for as long as he can remember. In the early 1980's, Armin saw the movie "Tron" and became fascinated by the possibilities of computer animation. This experience proved to be a defining moment in his life. He first set out to study and train as a graphic artist, and in 1990 began focusing on the 3D-world. Armin first applied his training to commercial applications by designing TV-trailers and adverts. Next, he specialized in compositing and motion graphics as a freelance artist for several client companies. But Armin never lost sight of his initial vision to explore the boundaries of the virtual world and to make an audience believe it was real. He finally saw an opportunity of moving his dream forward when he joined Mackevision in 1995. At Mackevision Armin found a small community that was equally interested in exploring the potential of artistic innovation. Armin and his colleagues expanded their range of technical tools and attracted others with the same passion. These modest beginnings and innovations crafted by just a few people have led to Mackevision becoming one of the leading companies specializing in visualization and computer animation. In 2014 this enthusiasm was rewarded with an Emmy for Mackevision’s contributions to the fourth season of the US TV series “Game of Thrones”. Since taking the reins as CEO of Mackevision in 1999, Armin's vision has been to bring an unsurpassed and enviable level of quality to the global market with 3D-visualization, animation, visual effects and system solutions which help to generate virtual content with easy-to-use interfaces. Among Mackevision’s clients are the world’s largest automobile manufacturers. The company has several locations in Germany and the US and has taken the bold step of trying to tap into new markets by setting up branches in London, Florence, Rom, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo. For more details visit

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